Kristin + Mark | Old Salem, NC Wedding Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do?  I don’t know if this is a thing, but at least for me being a photographer has brought people back around that I haven’t seen in forever.  Something big is happening in their lives, they think about who would be a good fit to work with, and sometimes I’m honored and they think of ME!  I feel like a record saying “I knew them in the way, way back” but it’s true!  Kristin (notice her name is spelled the “right” way!) and I used to work in the same office as contractors at a local grocery chain.  She’s an amazing graphic designer and back then I was working for a marketing company, so this is totally another “blast from the past” situation.

Let’s start by prefacing, Kristin and Mark have been together basically half of their lives.  They were together way back before even Kristin and I worked together.  You can tell they get each other and are the type of lovers that last.  All of this made it an even bigger deal for me when Kristin asked if I would be available for their intimate Wednesday evening ceremony at St. Philips Church in Historic Old Salem, North Carolina.  I’ll admit it was my first time shooting in that charming little chapel, but that place has so much history and character (my favorite combo)!

Kristin + Mark (1)

Oh!  Can I also tell you it SNOWED all morning the day of their nuptials!  That’s some typical North Carolina season confusion right there.  And while I wasn’t stressed (snow doesn’t stick well in mid-late March around here regardless), I’ll be honest and say that I was mentally preparing for all weather and lighting conditions.  And, one more thing, if rain is good luck on your wedding day I wonder what a surprise March snowstorm is?  Apparently it means some top shelf awesomeness, because that’s what it ended up being.

I’m completely honored and humbled to be asked to document all of these big and special moments for friends, both old and new.  Kristin and Mark, I wish you guys continued happiness and all of the good things life has to offer!



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