Courtney + Josh | Winston Salem NC Couples Lifestyle Photographer

There are some people that you meet and make friends with right away.  For me that’s kinda how it went down with Courtney.  She’s one of my favorite folks on our production team at Winston Salem First (she does video, I do photography), and so fun to be around.  She’s also a blogger- some pretty inspiring stuff goin’ on over there. Of course I have to link one of her more recent posts that connected with me:

And let’s get y’all over to her main blog page to read more of her inspiring nuggets here:

Of course when we made plans for me to come hang and grab a few blog/lifestyle shots with Courtney and her husband Josh (who is also on our production team) I knew we’d have fun.  Lifestyle is perfect for anything, seriously!  Newborn babes, families, couples, small business owners, cats, basically everything.   I’m so excited to finally share some of my favorites from our hang time.  Can I ruin the surprise and tell you there are cats?!  Well, cat (singular), but still!

First I’ll start with a teeny little share from our “blog shots”.  Courtney’s work space is perfect, by the way (I NEED her desk)…


After checking out the office, we went down to hang with Josh and grab these sweet images that I’m in love with (did someone say kitty time?):


Finish it off with an air high-five?  Uh, YES!  Also, am I the only one who remembers the movie Demolition Man?  That movie comes up in conversation at least once a year for me during cold and flu season, haha!


If you love all this real life goodness I’ve been putting out there, keep checking back here for more, or also at my website  Even better, if you love lifestyle so much (that you wanna marry it!), let’s chat!  Drop me a line at




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