Nora + Lindsay | Winston Salem NC Family Lifestyle Photographer

Nothing makes me happier than getting to hang out with real folks doin’ real things.  That’s why lifestyle sessions are soooo my jam.  It’s looking for real moments and all that other good stuff (love, relationships, interaction).  So, I was stoked when I got to hang out with Lindsay and her precious 2 month old, Nora, last week.  Lindsay is like a little seester to me, so it’s so precious watching her with a babe of her own.  It definitely brings back all the feels from when my own was that size.  It’s so important to always remember that story from that time so I’m always honored when I’m able to be welcomed into homes to participate in that memory making.


Why lifestyle?  Because over everything else you get to be real.  You get those imperfect but precious moments, like squish-faced snuggles and tickle fights.  Too long hugs and heart eyes.  Maybe a toddler tear or two.  It makes the kind of images that you feel instead of see.


I love lifestyle.  We’re lovers and that’s it.  If you think lifestyle could be your lover too let’s talk about it!  Storytelling is so priceless, and you’ll never regret taking this time for your family.  I’m going to put it out there and just say it- I’m fun!  These sessions are fun!  You’ll have fun!  And in the spirit of legacy and keeping your story alive for all that come after us, I’m including a archival quality, legacy continuing album to every lifestyle session booked through March 2018 ($395 value).  *drops mic*

Go ahead and shoot me a line through my website (and see more lifestyle session goodness too!):

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