Welcome Palmer! | Winston Salem Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

It’s official; I’m in love with this lifestyle newborn session.  My favorite part of any lifestyle session is just getting to hang out and watch you with your people, I love seeing how families love on each other and the bonds they have.  So of course I was so excited when Cassie and Matt invited me into their home to document sweet Palmer’s arrival, and meet their Jojo!  Watching Cassie love on Palmer while Jojo was all around laughing, playing with her daddy, and being her sweet self made my day.   Now, onto the good stuff:


And I thought this one was fun!  I don’t know what Palmer did that Matt was reacting to in the background but I thought it was such a fun moment:


And this is about as real as it gets right here:


I’m so thankful to have others see what I see, and know how important it is to save these moments.  It’s such a privilege for me to be welcomed to capture lives and families, I know how special this all is.  Real life is so good y’all ❤ 

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