What is Lifestyle | Winston Salem Lifestyle Photographer

You know the feeling you get when you look through an old family photo album; that sweet nostalgia that washes over you when you see an old image and remember exactly how that moment felt?  That’s where lifestyle starts.  Lifestyle is a session that’s intentionally unintentional and real.  It’s you and your people loving on each other.  It’s your unrehearsed life and it’s so special and important.  Family lifestyle sessions have been on my heart for quite some time and sharing these sweet images is so exciting for me.  There’s something so amazing and beautiful about being welcomed into homes and lives to preserve their moments.  Lifestyle has a big place in this girl’s heart.

I had so much fun hanging out with my sweet friend (and fellow photog) Meredith, her husband Nate, and their beautiful tribe.  I am so excited to finally share some of my favorites from our hang out:


And these sessions are fun and super laid back.  We chat, hang out, I’m not constantly clicking the shutter so it’s a pressure free environment to be with your people and allow moments to happen naturally.


And like every other session, I always sneak lovers away from their babes to have their own time.  Shout out to my assistant Autumn for hanging with the kids so I could grab these stunners:


Aaaaaand then we finish it out with style:


It is so special to me when families allow me into their homes for these sessions.  I’m so excited to open these sessions up for booking.  RIGHT NOW- if you book an in-home Lifestyle Family Session you’ll receive a pretty sweet discount (introductory price for these is $295 plus tax), and a complimentary 16×20 Deep Matte print (my favorite!).  Have I peaked your interest?  Give me a shout at contact@Kristindeaversphotography.com




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