Welcome Abigail |Winston Salem Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My Favorite thing is getting to work with my friends, especially when I get to be there to watch them grow their families.  Jenny and I have been friends since long before husbands, kids, and college degrees.  We reconnected after a few years of life and right after the birth of her first daughter, Savannah (my cute curly headed blonde friend!).  It was so fun seeing how they were adjusting to now adding another precious girl to their crew.  Patrick and Jenny are some of the sweetest people I know and I loved being welcomed into their new home to do a lifestyle newborn session for Abigail ❤


And sweet little Paco was so cute the entire time too!  He found his perch next to his people and set out to watch me work (and probably wonder what the heck I was doing!)


Savannah was so excited to show me her “big girl” room while I was there, she not only got promoted to big sister this year, she got promoted to her big girl room too!  She is so spunky and reminds me so much of my Natalie in that way, it was so cute to see her in action!


And even though I don’t do much new babe posed shots, we had to re-do this set up we had used for Savannah and it turned out to be so sweet!


There are just so many precious little pieces of life you get to capture when doing lifestyle sessions, and y’all know I’m all about real, honest photography.  Telling stories is what puts me in my happy place ❤


Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are awesome y’all!  It’s real life, it’s the moments that happen all to quick and are the first you’ll probably forget while caught up in all the hussle of new life.  The best part of my job is being able to help you keep those memories forever ❤  For more information on how to schedule your very own Lifestyle Newborn session (or heck!  even a regular Lifestyle session) give me a shout (Contact@KristinDeaversPhotography.com).  I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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