Theodore | King, NC Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Of course y’all knew I was going to do a lifestyle for my sister!  We did a studio session with my amazing friend Brooke at Happy Heart Studios, but I had to put my spin on it too.  I seriously do love these first days home with baby and all the sweet moments that are just happening all over the place.  It’s been so fun watching Brittany become a mother to this cute, squishy fella.



And of course Natalie wanted her “time to shine” as she would say.  Haha!


And anytime I do a Lifestyle Newborn session I like to include the other furry (sometimes slobbery) family members too.  Elsa and Archer (or “slendermen” as we lovingly call him) are so sweet and gentle around Theo,  even if Archer does try to lick his fuzzy head if he gets anywhere near him!


I know you can see why I adore Lifestyle sessions.  These days are sweet but go so quick!




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