Welcome Theo! Winston Salem, NC Birth Photographer

If you’re interested in an incredible life experience then you NEED to see a baby born.  It will seriously rock your world (in a totally amazing way).  I was presented with the opportunity to do birth photography for my otherwise very shy baby sister.  And when I say “baby sister” (or bg), I mean it as an endearment ❤  Brittany was my real live baby doll from when I was 7 years old and while she’s a grown woman (and a total beast having my 9 pound, 2.4 ounce nephew without and epidural!!), it’s still so bitter sweet to see her walk through life and be a part of all this amazing stuff.

Anyway, back to Theo!  This chubster was born on August 5th at 9:25pm, but we had time to hang out all day at Forsyth Medical Center while Brittany progressed her labor.  Natalie was there in the morning helping us walk around (and waiting for her daddy to scoop her up and take her home).



As the day went on things progress as things normally (and quasi-slowly) do…


And then at 9:25pm, after some amazing hard work from my sister this little bundle of squish took his first breaths and went straight into his mother’s arms.  And it was so amazing to see.


I thought of so many memories of Natalie and how amazing it feels to hold your baby for the first time and I’m pretty sure I cried a little and some of these photos were taken with tears in my eyes.  And I’m so grateful for this experience, and thankful to God for this chubby little blessing and all the safety, health and provision during the delivery ❤

Of course this isn’t the last of their story, I have so much more to share (Lifestyle Newborn Session coming up next on the blog!), so keep those eyes open for most posts soon!











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