Adams | Winston Salem NC Family Photographer

One of the coolest things about being a family (and wedding) photographer is getting to stay connected to old friends and watch their families grow.  Me, Morgan, and Ricky go way back- back to the days where tight rolled jeans were all the rage, and I may (or may not) have had mega bangs.  Ha!  But seriously, I was so excited to get my friends in front of the camera, especially since they just rounded out their family of 6 with beautiful Mara ❤  If you know Morgan and Ricky’s boys, you know that they’re full of personality and I can say with out hesitation that it was one of my most memorable sessions to date (cue sidebar story about Wyatt’s connection with nature! Ha!).

As I was looking through this session at home I had such a hard time narrowing anything down.  Y’all know that I love giving you real moments and connection and I wasn’t disappointed this this crew.  So much magic ❤

Mo, I hope you love these!  I loved that you let me do these for you! Now, onto my favorites!

Adams_2016 (1)Adams_2016 (17)Adams_2016 (11)Untitled-3

And I can’t even tell you how funny these boys are- personality just oozing out of them, haha!


Jack pulled me aside and wanted to take this “special” pose just for his mom, so we made that happen.  You’re welcome, Mo!

Adams_2016 (88)

And sweet, gorgeous Mara is going to have her work cut out for her, keeping up with her older brothers.  But I think she’d manage on just cuteness alone ❤

Adams_2016 (82)KDP_2515Untitled-5

Seriously so much fun hanging out with my old friends and their babies!  I can’t wait to see these spunky boys and their adorable sister again soon!





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