Hello Cate! | High Point Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to get “the call” to come over and grab some snuggles with the newest Campbell ❤  It’s been so cool to work with Tucker and Don and watch them grow their family over the last 5 years.  When I started with them there were just three, and now they’ve rounded out their family of 5 with gorgeous Cate!  Of course, before anything else I had to get my baby fix, then it was down to business!

(For any of y’all that have wondered what a Lifestyle session with KDP is, here’s a peek!)


Then we went upstairs to check out this little bunny rabbit’s nursery and I was so excited to see the boys (Will and Evan) had already welcomed baby sis into the mix!  Ha!


Boys!  They crack me up every time!  🙂


Look at that face ❤   And I know that I don’t “do” the whole posed newborn thing anymore, but because I love my peoples I had to round it out with a “baby in a basket” of precious Cate ❤


Be on the lookout for more of her sweet face this year!




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