What to wear for your KDP Session- ditch that outfit anxiety!

Hands down, the most asked question I get from clients before their KDP session is what to wear.  It’s a stressful question!  I know it’s one of my top 5 things I stress about for our own family sessions (other concerns on my list are Ryan’s untamed beard, finding an outfit that helps me to “suck it in”, and the havoc NC humidity does on my almost mostly curly hair! Ha!).  But planning your outfits doesn’t have to send you into a tailspin- it can be painless, and even downright fun (I swear!).  Any combination of these tips below will get you feeling like a superstar personal stylist in no time flat!

1.  Coordinating not matching.  (Insert terrified emoji here).  You remember that color wheel?  Grab that bad boy and pick your color scheme.  I tend to stick to two or three main colors (season appropriate of course) and go from there.


2. This goes hand in hand with bulletin point 1:  Pick one outfit that you LOVE (usually for me that ends up being an outfit for Natalie that I’ve been hoarding for images), and plan everyone else to flow with it.  Can we say MJC?  They have some really fun materials and textures in their clothing (even for grown ups!), and I love how there are so many secondary colors you can pull into your other outfits.

Fendley_September_2015 (39)

3. Don’t be scared to accessorize!  Necklaces, scarves, awesome shoes, one or two statement pieces, even an adorable bow tie on your 6 year old (Can we say flair? Pretty boy Brian has on 37 pieces of flair, don’t you want to express yourself too? )

Kristin Deavers Photography (1)

4.  Texture!  Play around with it- in the spring flowy, light materials and textures are amazing, and in the fall I’m all about knit sweaters, scarves, and all things wool. This is from our 2014 session with my Brookie (Brooke Moxley Photography)


5.  Be comfortable!  This rule trumps all the others- if you feel awkward in what you’re wearing it’ll show in your images (and ain’t nobody got time for that!).  Especially when you have littles in your session you want to make sure you can be comfortable and natural while you’re snuggling  and loving on those babies for my camera.  Be real, be YOU, and your images will shine ❤

Kristin Deavers Photography (2)

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