How to capture amazing summer vacation snaps, KDP style!

One of the comments I hear from clients, friends, and most non-photographers is “I wish I had a ‘nice’ camera so I could take good pictures too”.  Sure, having a little bit of investment in a camera (even if it’s a point and shoot) can make a difference, but here’s the thing, it’s not always about the camera- in fact, very rarely is it about the camera (I’m so serious!).  Most of the time it’s about just not knowing where to start.  So, since it’s summer and I know there are memories being made all over the place (just waiting to be captured) I wanted to share a few little tips I have for taking those family snaps to that next level of awesome.


Here’s the thing- you don’t have to use photoshop or own a million dollars in gear to get some great images.  Just think about these few things when you’re taking pictures of your own loves and I promise you’ll see a difference!

1.  Focus on the story.  I always see selfies (or usies) or lightly posed group photos, but hardly ever do I see folks actually telling a story with their vacation photos.  Think about what is happening, and don’t really worry about having everyone looking at the camera (you kinda want the exact opposite of that for story telling), look for the important things happening and document those.

2. Attention to detail.  The little things ARE important!  What are little hands playing with?  What are little feet doing?  What is that special toy their clinging to?  These are so important to the big picture, and these are the first things that you’ll probably forget in 20 years, so they’re (in my humble opinion) the most important.

3.  Don’t stress!  Just let everything happen.  You want real life- and you can’t orchestrate that.  Life just rolls on through, and you have to roll with it.  So let it happen and be ready to click that shutter.  Don’t force it- Photography is fun, so just relax, observe, and snap away!

Here’s another rad day we had a few summers ago doing some creek exploring at the most magical place ever.  This is just a quick sample of some of the fun we had:

Creek_2015 (42)_fb


Creek_2015 (45)_FB


See?  Seems easy, right?   Now it’s your turn!  So, bravely take your cameras out and go for it!  And make sure you shoot me a line and let me know how it’s been working for ya!  In the meantime, stay cool, safe, and enjoy your summer!



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